Physical Therapy

Sara Grow, PT, LMP and Robin Wilcox, PT, LMP

Whole Bodyworks is a unique space for healing injuries, restoring motion, and optimizing posture and physical function. Co-owners Robin Wilcox and Sara Grow are both licensed Physical Therapists and Licensed Massage Practitioners, combining their medical knowledge and physical rehabilitative skills with the alternative and transformative offerings of neurofascial and structural bodywork techniques and Pilates conditioning.

Each client at Whole Bodyworks undergoes a careful and customized physical evaluation and then collaborates with his or her practitioner to determine reasonable and progressive working treatment goals.

Sara and Robin incorporate Fascial Counterstrain, myofascial release, Muscle Energy Technique, neural and joint mobilizations, Myokinesthetic System, and several other manual therapy tools within their work.

Home exercises are selectively applied and fine-tuned to each individual’s functional need. Sara is a Certified Pilates Instructor, offering for applicable clients dynamic stabilization, posture, flexibility, and coordination training utilizing the complex and engaging Pilates method. Trained at the University of Washington, Robin and Sara worked at Providence Hospital and Swedish Medical Center before establishing Whole Bodyworks in 2003. They enjoy working with individuals, one to one, every clinical partnership a rewarding adventure. While each person’s experience of Physical Therapy at Whole Bodyworks is unique, one should expect the process to be participatory, productive, and gratifying. We are here to help you...

If you are interested in:

  • Improving Posture
  • Decreasing Pain
  • Feeling Energized
  • Understanding Your Body
  • Healing Injuries
  • Releasing Old Patterns
  • Moving Well
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